Discover Kalif and take advantage
of a free audit of your trade show activities

With Kalif, you can create a "Kalified" file and take complete control
of your information.

At the trade show, your sales teams dedicate their time to providing information and selling; Kalif does the rest.

Archos > USB > Computer = Qualified DB

Principle :

Using about ten targeted questions (this needs to be a quick exercise), a team, dressed in your company's colours and equipped with a PDA, interviews your visitors.

After completing the questionnaire, their name and address details are recorded.

To thank the person questioned and create an additional sales promotion, we can design an incentive related to your current communication.

The PDAs can be connected to a laptop at any time to save the data. This data is then immediately available for use in an excel file.

With Kalif, you run your stand and quickly build up a ready to use, qualified file.

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